sam's beer list

on draught

4% czech lager  _  £5.5

4.6% spanish lager  _  £6

5% czech lager _  £6

jubel peach
4% lager cut with peach. mind-blowing _  £6

Franciscan well chieftain ipa
5.5% irish ale  _  £6

Franciscan well rebel red
4.3% irish red ale  _  £6

Franciscan well Shandon stout
4.3% irish stout  _  £6

blue moon
5.4% American wheat beer  _  £6

aspall cyder
4.5% English cider  _  £5.5

good lemon my beer _ +£1

in the fridge

Five Points
So close you can almost see them through the back fence. I’ve been a fan of the cask beer from these guys for ages, so was really happy to find out that they were the closest brewery to us so was quick to get them as one of our first beers.

Pils – 330ml 4.8% – £5
A refreshing pilsner style beer. Because who doesn’t love a cold bottle of lager while sitting out in the sun?

Exhale Brewery, E17
Based up in Tottenham next to our good friends Victory these guys have quite frankly the best core range going. Just try the Krankie, because who doesn’t want an Iron Brew sour. They manage to up their game even more with the seasonals and collabs so keep an eye out as they go quickly.

Krankie – 4.4%– £7.50
Need I say more than Iron Brew Sour. A good bit of Iron Brew essence on the nose gives this beer the illusion of an old school classic. Well worth a try if you haven’t before.

Hathor – 440ml 4.4% – £7.50
A peach and honey saison brewed for international women’s day. Now at it’s best it’s got a nice bit of peach on the nose with a slight sweetness and slightly dry after taste. Try it with a margherita. Peach and fresh basil. Delicious.

Hackney Brewery, e2
Starting off in a couple of railway arches in Hackney these guys are a team favourite. The Kapow! Is one of the most drinkable pales we’ve tried. Their new tap room and brewery will be opening soon and we couldn’t be happier for them.

Kapow! – 330ml 4.5% – £5
Incredibly fresh pale ale. Try it by itself, or paired with the ‘n’duja really love me?’ pizza.

Big Smoke
I’ve ventured outside of London for this one (slightly). These guys are based in Surrey, and I was born just down the road so it seemed only right to get them in. They brew loads of cracking beers so keep an eye out.

Cold Spark – 3.6% – £5
A delicious single hop pale ale brewed with citra hops, and the can even has our logo on it. Low abv so have a couple. What’s not to love?

40 FT, e8
Recent UK independent tap room of the year and all round nice guys. Started in a couple of shipping containers not too far down the canal back in 2015. The Disco Pills is amazing and I think the cans look great on the bar

Disco Pills – 330ml 4.8% – £5
A very drinkable German style pilsner. Incredibly crisp and clean, it’s made for sitting in the sun and enjoying a couple.

The Ink Spot, sw16
Officially the furthest brewery away on this list, and it’s only down in Streatham (I live there so it’s my local). Located next to The Rookery in Streatham Common it’s well worth the trip if you’re south of the river.

Black Lager – 330ml 4.6% – £5
A czech style dark beer that’s light, while still giving off chocolate and coffee notes. Well worth a try if you’re a lager fan and fancy a bit of a change.

Solvay, e11
Belgian born, London raised. I wanted to keep this list as local as possible, which meant some styles of beer got forgotten about. Then I found Solvay. They have some great beers and it was a shame we couldn’t have them all (yet).

Halmos – 440ml 4.2% – £7.50
A proper Brussels-style pale ale. Named after the mathematician Paul Halmos (have a google for a good bit of reading). A couple of these and a plate of cured meats is a perfect way to spend an afternoon if you ask me.

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