eat with us

overnight ferment base, using a
blend of wholemeal and 00 flours 

naturally, the toppings we use
are out of this world, with vegan
options and seasonal offerings

enjoy our pizzas in our lush, green
garden or in our big, beautiful bar


gluten free bases for the pizzas are available 

your order will be ready to collect in around 20mins

pizzas - 12″​

little dippers

margherita 8 (veggie)
the mothership – mozzarella, basil, tomato

big bang brie 11.5 (veggie)
master of the universe, as voted by the Containerville residents. brie, caramelised onions, rocket

pepperoni cluster 10
clusters of the finest, spiciest pepperoni

planetary pickled pineapple 10.5
alien to some – chilli pickled pineapple + ham,
TABASCO® sriracha invasion

lamb-pagne supernova 11
spiced lamb mince, pickled red cabbage, garlic sauce, chilli sauce, red onion, lettuce

n’duja you really love me? 11 
like a meteor shower of spicy n’duja, corn clusters, spring onion and crispy shallot

green vader (vegan) 10.5
vegan cheese, roasted broccoli, roasted courgette and our own vegan pesto

dark matter (veggie) 10.5
mozzarella, black olive, portobello + chestnut mushrooms, truffle oil


oh-my-stars cheesy garlic bread 5

seasonal side salad 4

little dippers

TABASCO® sriracha mayo 1

ranch ranger 1

chilli comet 1

garlic & herb 1

made in house 

bar snacks

chilli + herb olives 3

dill pickle cucumber beer buddies 3
made here

freshly sliced salami  5
air dried and fennel seasoned


negroni ice cream sandwich 4.5
from our friends at happy endings


on tuesdays we eat pizza, a hell of a
lot of pizza (all you can eat really)

t&c apply: please note we do not serve new pizzas until 
pizzas on the table are finished, no take away

weekend brunch

9am – 1pm sat  + sun

first, coffee…

bottomless batch brew coffee _ £3
we offer just one type of coffee _ a single origin farmed bean served as batch brew, and sourced from our friends at ozone

flagship bacon sarnie _ £6.5
smoked back bacon, rocket, cherry tomato, TABASCO sriracha mayo
_ vegan option available

eggs and space troopers _ £5.5
two soft boiled eggs with buttery soldiers 

eggs + avo smash _ £7
two poached eggs with avocado on sourdough toast

eggy bread _ £9
french toast with maple syrup and summer fruits

waffle plate _ £7
breakfast waffles with summer fruits, creme fraiche and honey

overnight oats _ £5.5
topped with caramelised banana


bacon _ £3

sausage _ £3

vegan bacon _ £3.5

avo smash _ £3.5


bottomless batch brew coffee _ £3
we do one style of coffee only

fresh oj _£3

fresh aj _ £3

garibaldi _ £8.5
campari + oj

aperol spritz _ £8.5

go bottomless aperol spritz for 90mins _ £30
sundays only.