disco. rare groove. soul. afrobeat. reggae. funk. boogaloo. jazz. rhythm & blues.

nebula music playlists are vibrant and welcoming, and evolve throughout the year, creating a soundscape that feels relaxed and comfortable whilst you eat, drink, and socialise

on our DJ nights we turn up the musical heat just a notch and delve a little deeper into the genres we hear on our playlists

the musical atmosphere remains intimate and warm, and the tunes are intuitively selected to reflect the mood of the moment

our playlists and DJ nights are curated by Dante Gabriel aka Tenoshi, a lifelong music enthusiast and passionate record collector who has made records and played records for over thirty years, holding DJ residencies on Glastonbury’s Other Stage, at The Eden Project’s acclaimed Eden Sessions, and at The London O2 for Jamaica House during the London 2012 Olympics and Jamaica 50 celebrations. He knows how to pick a tune!

Dante nebula dj