pizza 12"

margherita 8 (veggie)
the mothership – mozzarella, basil, tomato

big bang brie 11.5 (veggie)
master of the universe, designed by our pals koxja. brie, caramelised onions, rocket

pepperoni cluster 10
clusters of the finest, spiciest pepperoni

planetary pickled pineapple 10.5
alien to some – chilli pickled pineapple + ham,
TABASCO® sriracha invasion

lamb-pagne supernova 11
spiced lamb mince, pickled red cabbage, garlic sauce, chilli sauce, lettuce

n’duja you really love me? 11 
like a meteor shower of spicy n’duja, corn clusters, spring onion and crispy shallot

brave new world (vegan) 10.5
red peppers, artichoke, ‘shrooms,
vegan white sauce, pickled red onion


seasonal side salad 4


TABASCO® sriracha mayo 1

chilli comet dipper 1

ranch rover 1

garlic & his mate herb 1

made in house 

bar snacks

chilli + herb olives 3

dill pickle cucumber beer buddies 3
made here

freshly sliced salami  5
air dried and fennel seasoned


cookie + ice cream 5
from our friends at chocolate dino company across the road

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