fem-ALE fest

our response to oktoberfest. 4x female led or female brewed brands. 8x beers. because fuck the patriarchy 

cloud water brewery

4.5% lager  _  £5
440ml can

brick brewery

Peckham pils 
4.8% pilsner  _  £5
330ml can

strawberry + cucumber sour
3.8% fruity sour adventure  _  £5
330ml can

queer brewing

tiny dots pilsner
4.5% pilsner  _  £5
440ml can

wild card brewery

pale ale 
4.3% pale  _  £5
330ml can

india pale ale
5.5% ipa  _  £5
330ml can

we'll come to your table to take your order

do let our team know of any allergies.

we do not ask for service charge – it’s stupid. instead our teams are paid above london living wage.

card payments only

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