all you can eat margharita pepperoni cluster planetary pineapple

all you can eat pizza & a nebula negroni for 10

every tuesday £10 gets you a negroni, and unlimited pizza.

it’s still table service, and pizzas are 1 person per pizza. feel free to mix and match

things can get a little crazy, so work with us on this and expect a little longer than usual waiting times whilst we feed the masses

t&c apply: please note we do not serve new pizzas until pizzas on the table are finished, no take away


all £10 and bottomless

xmas special – all the trimmings
pigs’n’blankets, sprouts, camembert, cranberry sauce

margherita  (veggie)
the mothership – mozzarella, basil, tomato

big bang brie  (veggie)
master of the universe, designed by our pals koxja. brie, caramelised onions, rocket

pepperoni cluster 
clusters of the finest, spiciest pepperoni

planetary pickled pineapple 
alien to some – chilli pickled pineapple + ham,
TABASCO® sriracha invasion

lamb-pagne supernova  
spiced lamb mince, pickled red cabbage, garlic sauce, chilli sauce, lettuce

n’duja you really love me? 
like a meteor shower of spicy n’duja, corn clusters, spring onion and crispy shallot

green vader (vegan) 
vegan cheese, roasted broccoli, roasted courgette and our own vegan pesto

dark matter (veggie) 
mozzarella, black olive, portobello + chestnut mushrooms, truffle oil


wedge side salad with artichoke dressing (vegan) 4

oh-my-stars cheesy garlic bread 5

little dippers

TABASCO® sriracha mayo 1

chilli comet dipper 1

ranch rover 1

garlic & herb 1

made in house 

bar snacks

chilli + herb olives 3

dill pickle cucumber beer buddies 3
made here

freshly sliced salami  5
air dried and fennel seasoned


negroni ice cream sandwich 4.5


we'll come to your table to take your order

do let our team know of any allergies.

we do not ask for service charge – it’s stupid. instead our teams are paid above london living wage.

don’t see something you like? just ask